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tresure hunting in venezuela


Las Aves Sotavento
Islas las Aves
Territorio Insular

Not to be mistaken with Isla Aves* that lies in the middle of the Caribbean sea, west of Guadeloupe. This Island belongs to Venezuela and has been impossible to enter except if you are member of the Venezuelan Armada.
The Island is getting smaller every year and will soon disappear. This island has always been a potential danger to all navigation and has a lot of interesting ship wreaks around it. We have been working for a long time to get a permission to go there and hopeful we will have one soon. .
Probably the most valuable single item to be found on wreaks dated from the 15th. century to the 16th. century, they fetch a price of up to a million US $, and they are very rare in the world.
The Astrolabe (made of Bronze) was the first real navigation instrument to be used in the western world, it was later replaced with the Sextant which were a lot more accurate.
Isla Aves*
Is probably the most interesting isolated island in the Caribbean. Isla Aves is situated in the center of the Caribbean basin and lately there has been much international dispute of the sovereignty of this Island.
Latest News: Cannons found in Venezuela (La Guaira) close to the Maiquetia international Airport the wreck is from the 15 Century and 5 bronze cannons has been found......
more on Las Aves Treasure Map and looking for documented pirate treasures..


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